Work and travel USA

Work and travel USA program is very popular program in Bulgaria. You have to be a regular student and you can apply to participate. I was in my third year at university when I got my visa. This was the happiest day in my life.

This program gave me opportunity to discover the hole new world. The positives are million. I got a chance to improve my English and also chance to travel. The people that I met there changed my life.

It is a big step to decide to take this kind of adventure. But once when you see the moon from the other side of the planet, you can not be the same person. Of course, there was lots of difficulties, but I learn how to solve the situations even if they look unsolvable.

WAT USA was a huge challenge for me, because I met completely new culture. American people are so different from us in many ways. The program build cultural bridge between 2 worlds. I will try to share with you the most interesting parts of my life there. Also I will give you helpful advised about the whole process.

Work and travel USA
This picture was taken on one of my trips during my work and travel program USA summer 2018. Me and some of my friends made road trip to one of the famous destination in United States. Rushmore is situated South Dakota and is more famous as monument to founding fathers of America.

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